These are VCR only Players & Recorders. All include a remote and all have built in coaxial connections (tuner).
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Sharp VC-A552U VHS VCR Only Player Recorder RCA VR617HF VHS VCR Recorder Player Zenith VR4226HF VHS VCR Recorder Player
Magnavox VRT462 VHS VCR Recorder Player Orion VR313  VHS VCR Only Player Recorder Admiral Four Head VHS VCR Player Recorder
Zenith VR2107 VHS VCR Recorder Player Zenith VRL2110 VHS VCR Only Player Recorder Panasonic PV-9450 VHS VCR Player Recorder
Daewoo DV-K286 VHS VCR Recorder Player Samsung VR8460 VHS VCR Recorder Player
On this page you will find VCR Only Players. After personally talking with many of our customers, we have come to realize that many prefer to buy VHS players only and will not consider switching to newer technologies. Many thought VCR only players were a thing of the past, but we have dedicated ourselves to bring VCR only players and similar items into the 21st century.

Every VCR only player on this page has gone through our reconditioning process. We will have cleaned the heads, re-lubricated any moving parts, replaced parts and more. We have many years of experience in servicing these units. If you have trouble deciding, we can help you choose which VCR only player to choose. We also carry other styles of players. Please see the categories at the top of the page. You can reach us by email: info@vcr-players.com